iOS 7 “Social Hub” Concept Begs to Be Turned into Reality

The Contacts app reinvented by a high-shcooler with a thing for design

As Apple prepares to unleash Jony Ive’s new designs on iOS and OS X, amateurs are taking stabs at what the Cupertino company could roll out next. iOS 7 is on everybody’s lips.

Kyle Barnes has a cool iOS 7 concept showing how Apple (or Google) could reinvent the Contacts application to turn it into a full-fledged social hub. If you're not a fan of reading, hit the play button above. It’s simply brilliant, and requires no explanation on our part.

On iOS devices, Contacts could be so much more than just a list of people with their credentials on display, according to Kyle. The one-minute clip shows how a single profile can display as little or as much information as needed, by simply sliding up and down for options.

You have everything (and I mean literally everything) at hand to communicate with a person via any means necessary (i.e. voice, video, social, text message, etc.)

Kyle says he’s “just your average high schooler.” We’re pretty sure he’s more than that. In fact, Apple should really look into his YouTube channel for a host of new ideas on how to make iOS more intuitive and visually appealing.

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