iOS 7: No More Cheating in Games

Apple includes new features in Game Center framework for devs

Game developers are about to have a blast with iOS 7, thanks to the numerous enhancements in iOS 7 beta, including some brand-new Game Center features.

One of the coolest new additions to Game Center in iOS 7 is the opportunity to initiate actions with other players, even when it is not their turn, through Exchanges.

Apple now allows developers to use this feature to implement simultaneous turns, player chats, and trading between gamers when it is not their turn to make a move.

The per-app leaderboards cap has been upped from 25 to 100 positions, and game creators can also organize leaderboards using a GKLeaderboardSet object, which increases the limit to a whopping 500 slots.

Moreover, game developers can add conditions to challenges that define what challenge has been met, such as a goal to beat a record in a time-trial race.

Authentication support to the Game Center framework is also improved, and new features are implemented to prevent cheating, waving goodbye to rogue players.

Developers looking to learn more about how to use the new Game Center features are encouraged to see the Game Center Programming Guide.

To familiarize themselves with the classes of the Game Kit framework, game creators must see the Game Kit Framework Reference.

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