iOS 7 Jailbreak News: Those Still on iOS 6 Should Stay Put

Hacker recommends that users remain at iOS 6.1.x firmwares

To increase your chances of benefiting from an untethered iOS 7 jailbreak, hacker iH8sn0w recommends that you stay on iOS 6. That is, if you haven’t jumped ship already.

Granted, the news is probably not very exciting for the hundreds of millions who’ve already taken the plunge in September, or at a later date, following the iOS 7 debut.

But for those of you still clinging onto the skeuomorphic iOS 6, there’s some good news.

iH8sn0w and his Evad3rs crew are about to release an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.x.x firmwares, which includes the 6.1.5 update released by Apple last week. That, and it will increase your chances of nailing an untethered jailbreak when you finally decide to go flat (i.e. upgrade to iOS 7).

Unfortunately, according to the same hacker, the iOS 7 jailbreak will probably not be released this year. But it is almost good to go, according to the guy's tweets.

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