iOS 7 Is Not Available for iPads Yet

Apple has rushed to polish up the iPhone build for WWDC

It seems that rumors about Apple hurrying to finish iOS 7 in time for the WWDC showcase are confirmed. The company is yet to deliver an iPad build.

iOS 7 will be released for all iDevices this fall, and that includes iPads too. But the software isn’t ready for tablet screens yet, as Apple has only released a developer preview for iPhone and iPod touch devices.

An iPad build is nowhere to be found on Apple’s Developer site, and that means rumors of the company scrambling to get it done by June were true.

Of course, with last year’s executive shakeup and Apple’s ambitions to cram all these new features inside iOS 7, it’s hardly a surprise.

The software is currently available (to developers) on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 5th-generation players.

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