iOS 7 Wi-Fi Error: “Unable to Connect”

Wi-Fi error can reportedly be fixed by resetting Network Settings

iOS 7 customers getting the “Unable to Connect” error on their iDevices may be in luck, as some claim to have found a fix.

Users experiencing this issue reportedly found success with a simple reset of their network settings. TUAW explains that this solution has been “passed around on the Apple discussion forums” and that it “should work for most people.”

The site unfortunately doesn’t include a link to the thread(s) in question, but it does outline the steps you need to take to troubleshoot your wireless connection under iOS 7.

Users essentially need to put their devices into Airplane Mode, then navigate to the phone’s General settings, locate the Reset tab, and hit “Reset Network Settings.”

The exact path (after putting the phone into Airplane Mode) is: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

When the device prompts you to join your network again the connection should work.

Some users have tried the fix with Airplane Mode turned off up until the very end, while others have had luck with Airplane Mode on, TUAW claims.

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