iOS 7 Download Issues Reported, Servers Acting Up

Over-the-air update freezes for some users, IPSW download nowhere in sight

Apple has just started sending out notices that iOS 7 is available, though some users are having a hard time getting the new software installed on their respective iDevices.

A dialog window stating, “Software Update Failed. An error occurred downloading iOS 7.0” pops up for some users while trying to install iOS 7 wirelessly (OTA), a clear indication that Apple’s servers are under heavy workload as hundreds of millions are attempting to make the download.

For some (such as myself) the problem is the available storage space. iOS 7 apparently needs over 3GB of free space to download onto an iPhone’s flash memory, unpack its contents, and install itself on the phone.

The first customers to catch an iOS software update by its tail usually report these things, so don’t be alarmed. All will be fine shortly.

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