iOS 7: “Delete” Stock Apps, Access Hidden Features

Developer shows that Apple has some really exciting settings prepared for us (or not)

A developer with access to the iOS 7 beta has been sifting through the code and has discovered a bunch of hidden settings that customers wouldn’t mind using themselves.

The settings in question are currently tucked away, but they might be enabled when Apple rolls out iOS 7 Final. For now, all we can do is gaze at the video demonstration shot by Hamza Sood in iOS Simulator.

One notable addition is the ability to remove stock apps from your Home screen, an option that many users have been craving for years. Apple might finally enable it in iOS 7. The apps themselves don’t get deleted, only the icons get removed from the Home screen.

Sood discovered new multitasking gestures (edge swipe, corner swipe, edge press and hold), the ability to create folders inside folders, Parallax settings, zoom animation settings (i.e. slower and faster), and lots more.

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