iOS 7 Could Benefit Immensely from This Cool Jailbreak Tweak

Peekly is a jailbreak app that puts a two-page lock-screen theme on your iDevice has released Peekly, a 2-page lock-screen theme for iOS that begs to catch the eye of Sir Jonathan Ive, head of Human Interfaces at Apple Inc. In layman terms, iOS 7 needs this desperately.

This is not the first concept / theme / jailbreak tweak that we’ve highlighted as a good iOS 7 addition, and it probably won’t be the last either.

Studiographic’s Peekly enables you to get more from your iPhone without ever leaving the lock-screen, by just swiping sideways.

On the first page you get the time and date, but you can choose between the default clock, a digital clock or no clock (or date) display at all. The developers promise to make more clock faces available soon.

“Dragging your lockscreen to the right will allow you to ‘Peek’ at a 3 month calendar,” reads the description.

This is just the default “peek,” but you can mess around with the layout and choose to throw in stuff like Twitter, your Google Calendar events, an RSS feed, and more.

Page 2 is accessed by swiping the lock-screen to the left. By default, it offers the weather, and “peeking” to the left again on this page will also show you a four-day forecast.

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