iOS 7 Concept: Settings Where You Need Them

And multitasking featuring application snapshots for better navigation

Dozens of iOS 7 concept videos began to surface lately, even though some of them have been posted weeks, even months ago.

The latest such clip comes from uploader “almanimation” who has a nifty approach to how multitasking and Settings should be managed on iOS.

Among the flurry of iOS concepts aggregated by 9to5mac, this one stands out because it allows users (in theory) to customize the location of their preferred settings.

This would work hand in hand with an updated app switcher in iOS 7 offering previews of the apps that are running on the device with quick access to each and every app’s settings.

In other words, no longer would users have to take a trip to the iOS Settings panel to toggle a simple switch ON or OFF.

This and a lot more cool stuff can be found in almanimation’s clip, embedded above.

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