iOS 7 Concept: Resizable App Icons – Video

Here’s to hoping Apple puts at least 50% of this functionality in the next iOS

With iOS 7 likely to poke its head out at this year’s WWDC, numerous concept videos are beginning to (re)surface showing what Apple may bring new to the table in terms of functionality.

Uploaded months ago by Max Rudberg, an iOS Resizable App Icons Concept has been brought into light recently, showing what Apple could do to enhance the accessibility of some in-app features without actually having to launch the app itself.

The concept proposes a way to resize an app’s icon so that it partially displays some key functions for quick access, such as a brightness slider and ON/OFF toggles for wireless in the Settings icon.

“Inspired by the more living home screens of Windows Phone and Android, this concept video shows how the iOS home screen could become more,” says Rudberg in the video’s description.

The idea is well within the realm of possibility at Apple, especially with Jony Ive now in charge of interfaces across iOS and OS X.

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