iOS 7 Concept: Lockscreen Drawer – Video

Prototype iOS video shows how to quickly toggle options from the lock screen

Courtesy of imjeanmarc comes another iOS concept video proposing a lockscreen drawer that offers easy access to some useful options that are otherwise tucked away in the Settings panel.

This one stood out in a sea of iOS 7 concept videos aggregated by 9to5mac. Uploaded by a YouTube user identified as imjeanmarc, this iOS prototype puts Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, and Hotspot settings in a drawer on the iOS (swipe-to-unlock) lockscreen.

Toggling it ON and OFF is as easy as pulling down the drawer from the date & time display.

A more advanced version of the lockscreen drawer also includes notifications. Pull down the drawer and you not only get those handy options, but also the latest messages from your loved ones. The notifications could also include tweets, Facebook updates, email, and more.

Check out the video above and drop us a line with your impressions.

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