iOS 7: Automatic Updates, Apps Near Me, Kids Titles

The App Store in iOS 7 is completely remodeled to give you the best experience

iOS 7 not only gives the App Store a huge redesign with new graphics and tabs, it also includes under-the-hood enhancements that make app discoverability and updating as fun as using the apps themselves.

One of the coolest new features in iOS 7’s App Store (seemingly included at the request of US Senator John McCain) is the ability to update apps in the background.

In iOS 7, the App Store no longer nags you about available updates if you set it so. You can also continue to update your apps manually (as you currently do in iOS 6 and older versions), and you can specify if you want those updates delivered to you on Wi-Fi-only or on 3G too.

Apps Near Me is another new feature of the App Store in iOS 7. It replaces Genius and shows you a collection of the most popular apps relevant to your location.

The new Kids category (which the current developer beta doesn’t yet include) showcases the best apps for children based on the age you specify.

iOS 7 will be available to end users this fall.

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