iOS 7: 120 FPS Camera App with Slow-Mo Feature

Apple’s next-gen iPhone could make shooting video cooler than ever

Apple’s iPhone 5S may have more than just one coolness factor to differentiate it from older models, according to the latest iOS 7 code discovery shared by a developer.

Hamza Sood has provided 9to5mac with an interesting tidbit regarding Apple’s plans with the future of the iPhone through software.

Apparently, the Cupertino giant will include a 120 FPS “Mogul” feature to the Camera app to enable users to play back recordings as slow-mo films. This will, of course, require some hardware upgrades too (a better camera and a faster processor).

Shooting video at 120 frames per second allows for much more detail to be captured in a given timeframe, compared to regular recording speeds, such as 30 FPS. Footage recorded at 120 FPS, then played back at normal speed will, therefore, appear slowed down.

Check out the butterflies in the video embedded above for a glimpse at what the upcoming iPhone 5S might be capable of doing.

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