iOS 6 Hit by New-Year Bug

Do Not Disturb fails to flip off automatically as date switches to January 1 2013

A bug in iOS 6 kicked in on New Year’s Day affecting the Do Not Disturb feature, much like the previously reported alarm clock bug occurring during daylight saving periods.

Apple has a history of iOS bugs poking their head out whenever the iPhone’s calendar and / or clock undergoes changes. One such example has been the daylight saving bug, which delayed alarm clocks worldwide causing people to be late for work, etc.

A similar issue is now being reported by users who scheduled the Do Not Disturb feature in iOS 6 to flip off automatically at a given time. However, come January 1, the toggle remained set to ON (as evidenced in the screenshot above).

While the bug certainly isn’t a very serious one, it can pose inconvenience for some people who rely on DND. Apple will undoubtedly address this small error in a future software update. Has this bug affected you?

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