iOS 6.1 Security Bug Opens Camera Roll to Curious Eyes – Video

Yet another bug for Apple to fix in the upcoming iOS 6.1.2

Apple has a serious issue with the security of its iDevices, even when customers set a passcode lock. Apparently, after patching at least two such bugs in previous iOS versions, Apple still can’t keep curious eyes out of passcode-locked devices on iOS 6.1.

Demonstrated by a YouTube user, the flaw involves some messing around with the Emergency Call function. The previous flaws looked pretty much the same, giving us the impression that Apple never pays much attention to this aspect of the iOS.

The bug allows anyone with physical access to the iPhone to bypass the password lock and access the phone application, as well as the contacts. From there, a user can attempt to change a contact’s profile picture and the phone opens up access to the camera roll, the holy grail for amateur hackers peeking into their friends’ handsets.

The person who manages to get the trick done – as there are several steps to be followed before bypassing the security feature – can also modify contacts, check voicemail, etc.

The good thing is that Apple is currently working on a new iOS update to patch some other issues. Now they have a new one to address.

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