iOS 6.1 Final Candidate Could Be Seeded to Developers Today

Setting aside the new features, Apple has some patching to do

If this report is to be believed, Apple will release the final version of iOS 6.1 as a Gold Master candidate to developers later today.

A January 12 report by German site iFun cited reliable sources as saying that Apple was preparing to seed a polished version of iOS 6.1 (a Gold Master build) to developers on Monday, January 14.

No other details were provided, meaning the rumor is sketchy at best. However, there’s a good chance Apple will in fact roll out iOS 6.1 GM this week.

The company has tested the software across four separate betas and there’s a widespread need of patches for battery life issues, Wi-Fi bugs, and even sound issues on iPhones and iPads.

Many of these bugs seem to have stemmed from iOS 6.0.2, the current version of Apple’s mobile operating system. While the company has certainly taken its time with the development of these patches, iOS 6.1 shouldn’t be too far off at this point.

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