iOS 6.1.5 Available for Download

It fixes issue with FaceTime calls, includes security patches

Apple today released iOS 6.1.5, a software update for iPod touch users which fixes an issue that causes FaceTime calls to fail.

The update in question is not available for iPhone and iPad users, and only targets owners of a fourth-generation iPod touch. This particular iPod model doesn’t support iOS 7.

According to Apple, iOS 6.1.5 “Fixes an issue that causes FaceTime calls to fail for some users on iPod touch (4th generation).” Additionally, said update also contains “security content originally included in previous iOS Software Updates.”

Available via manual download or over-the-air update, iOS 6.1.5 cannot be installed on any other devices than the iPod touch fifth-generation. Customers on iOS 7 can also get these latest fixes, including the security patch, by downloading and installing iOS 7.0.4.

iOS 7.0.4 is available for iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th generation).

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