iOS 6.1.1 Testing Complete, OTA Download Available This Week [iFun]

Apple is rushing the next iOS update out to fix connectivity woes

European carriers are upset with Apple, as the latest iOS update has crippled some of their customers’ cellular connectivity. But we’re here to bring you some good news. iOS 6.1.1 is reportedly rolling out this week to address said issues.

German blog iFun has heard from reliable sources that not only is Apple dead serious about fixing the flaws, the company is actually releasing the update as early as this week.

According to a rough (machine) translation of the post, “after this information is already in version 6.1.1 of the night on Monday as ‘Testing Complete’ and should be offered the iPhone community with little flow as a wireless update.”

The blog cites sources which provided accurate information in the past as saying that the “23MB update [is] UMTS-compatible.”

The snippet from its sources specifically states (again, Google-translated), “Today, on 11 February, midnight our time, ‘Testing Complete’ is announced by the network operators. If you have already installed the 6.1 update is 23MB big on 6.1.1 (10B145) available via OTA. Baseband has been updated on 03/04/02. Thus, the error should be off the table.”

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