iOS 6.1.1 (10B311) Has No Expiry Date, Apple Removes Timers

Hacker signals change in policy regarding iOS beta seeding

Apple recently rolled out a fresh iOS beta to developers with the main goal of testing a bunch of features aimed at improving Maps in Japan. The software likely has additional (undocumented) changes as well but, most importantly, is not bound by a timer.

The creator of several jailbreak add-ons, @iH8sn0w, released the news on Twitter yesterday.

“Looks like Apple isn’t including beta timers anymore […] Today’s iOS 6.1.1 developer release (10B311) oddly has the ReleaseType defined as ‘Beta’ but oddly has no expiry date.”

He clarifies that iOS 6.1.1 Build 10B311 still only activates with developer accounts, adding, “Just because it doesn’t expire doesn’t mean its not a beta.”

While he cannot confirm whether this is a new trend for Apple, iH8sn0w believes the move is smart. “Apple doesn’t have to worry about expiry dates anymore and apticket/nonces + stop signing tss req,” he wrote in a subsequent tweet.

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