iOS 6.1.1 Battery Drain Reported by Users

It seems Apple has yet more work to do in iOS 6.1.2

Customers writing on Apple’s forums are signaling new battery drain issues in the latest version of the company’s mobile operating system. Most of the affected users are iPhone owners.

Numerous iPhone owners who’ve updated to iOS 6.1.1 have discovered that the software not only doesn’t fix the previously reported battery drainage issues, but that it actually causes more power drain.

A user identified as Jackprentice2007 writes, “I'm on my 6th 4S handset since summer 2012! Last night (11/2) I updated my phone with iOS 6.1.1 and the battery life is worse than ever before!”

The user explains that “All apps are fully closed down, Wifi/Bluetooth are turned off! Screen brightness is down to 18%. I've no e-mail accounts set up! Location services are switched off.”

Several other users are reporting similar problems. It is worth noting that every smartphone out there is plagued by such issues. iPhone / iOS is certainly no exception.

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