iOS 6.0.2 Sound Issues Reported by Users

Battery life may not be the only crippled function on iOS 6 devices

After widespread reports of iOS 6.0.2 causing battery drainage on some iDevices, new complaints are seemingly churning up regarding a potential audio bug caused by the iOS 6.0.2 update for iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

A few customers on Apple Support Communities are reporting that their iPhone 5 handsets are no longer emitting sound (both from the headset and the speaker) after updating to iOS 6.0.2, the latest release from Cupertino for new-generation iPhones and iPad mini tablets.

A user writing on the iMore forums is experiencing similar issues. However, he and others like him have been having these problems since updating to iOS 6.0 in September: “ive [sic] noticed on several occasions that the sound stops working. as in, no more volume controls. no sound from the ipod,” writes ckalli.

So far the issue doesn’t seem to be widespread, but we’ll keep an eye out on Apple’s forum to confirm whether or not this is an epidemic.

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