iOS 5.1 Pre-GM IPSW Leaked - New Camera Function, Japanese Siri

Apple may release the software in early February, alongside iPad 3

A pre-GM (Golden Master) build of iOS 5.1 has been leaked to a Portuguese blog which reveals that Apple is making alterations to the lock-screen camera function. The build also confirms Siri’s upcoming ability to speak Japanese.

With only a few weeks to go before Apple unveils its rumored iPad 3, most pundits are betting that iOS 5.1 will become available on the same day the third-generation tablet is announced.

Reportedly, a pre-GM build has been leaked by a wireless operator in Portugal. The screenshots published by BlogdoiPhone reveal that Apple is trying to eliminate accidental clicks of the lock-screen camera button by forcing users to slide upwards in order to activate the popular function.

A second screenshot confirms reports that Siri has learned Japanese and that it’s going to become fluent in the language sometime real soon.

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