iMac (Late-2012) Unboxing, Teardown – Video, Photos

New-model iMacs begin shipping worldwide, Australia first

Apple has begun shipping its Late-2012 iMac models in Australia and the US, as well as other countries around the world, kicking off sales of one of the most anticipated products of the year.

Stock is very limited but that’s not stopping power users from buying the 21.5-inch model on day one. Aussie Ben Pasternak is one of the first people to own one.

A true Apple fan, Pasternak posted a pro-level unboxing video complete with a few seconds of usage.

Japan had something else in mind. Mac-centric site Kodawarison decided to pry open its chassis and have a peek inside. Not that we mind seeing the internal design, but with such few units floating around, we really hope they’ll put it back together in a working state.

Unboxing video embedded above; teardown photos below.

We’ll wait for iFixit to open up another one so we can discuss the actual electronics.


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