iCloud / iMessage Outage Reported Down Under

Customers in Australia report issues with Apple’s cloud services

Users of Apple’s iCloud services, including iMessage, are reporting a widespread outage that seems to affect Australia in particular. Apple System Status page is mum, as usual.

The complaints are mostly found on Twitter, the go-to place whenever iCloud services go down, as Apple doesn’t have a specialized platform to allow customers to relay concerns directly to its engineers (at least not in a form that most customers are aware of).

The Mac maker maintains a System Status page meant to inform customers of any issues occurring with its online services. It usually gets updated with acknowledgement after the issue in question has been addressed, and this time appears to be no different.

On the System Status page Apple says “If you are experiencing an issue not listed here, contact support,” and directs users to the Support form which presents them with a “Get Started” button that ensures an ordeal to get the message across to the mother-ship.

While it’s not uncommon for any cloud service to go down every once in a while, Apple seems to be slow in confirming server-side issues. For example, connectivity problems with the iTunes Store are so common in certain territories that Apple doesn’t even bother acknowledging them.

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