iCloud Drive – The New Storage Plans That Will Give Dropbox a Run for Its Money

Both regular users and developers get far more storage options for far less

iCloud so far hasn’t been much of an online storage solution for general usage, such as storing everything you want handy in a single folder, accessible anytime, anywhere. Starting this fall, it will do all that and then some, all thanks to the introduction of iCloud Drive.

With the release of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite this fall, iCloud will behave more like Dropbox. Equally advantageous are the new storage plans proposed by Apple: 5 gigabytes free, 20 gigabytes for just $0.99 (€0.72) per month, 200 gigabytes for $3.99 (€2.92) per month, and 1 terabyte for pricing yet to be announced.

Another key perk has to be the new folder-view brought forth by iCloud Drive. You’ll soon be able to use your iCloud allowance in the same way you use Dropbox and Google Drive – just drag a file inside to sync it. Users won’t have to open separate applications to access certain files beforehand, making for a more friendly overall experience.

The accompanying CloudKit tool for developers is also pretty exciting. According to Apple, “With CloudKit, you can focus on your client-side app development and let iCloud eliminate the need to write server-side application logic. CloudKit provides you with Authentication, private and public database, structured and asset storage services - all for free with very high limits.”

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