iCloud Beta Redesigned with iOS 7 Graphics

iWork in the Cloud retains old icons, Help menu left behind

By on August 15th, 2013 08:00 GMT

Apple has given iCloud Beta a makeover slapping an iOS 7 interface on the service, though not all web apps get the flattened graphics.

Services like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes Reminders and Find My iPhone now have the same icons as in iOS 7, in order to create a more consistent experience for customers who use the web apps in iCloud Beta.

Apple has not only swapped the old icons, but also redesigned the interface for each service in part. Well, at least for the ones listed above. Web apps like Pages, Keynote and Numbers (iWork in the Cloud) remain untouched.

All three iWork apps have the same icons as before, while their user interfaces also remain in place. The same goes for the iCloud Beta Help menu, which displays the old icons (and tutorial graphics) for all services, including the ones that have been redesigned this week.

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