iBooks Textbooks Flying Off the Shelf, Analysts Say

Steve Jobs’ dream of revolutionizing education appears to be taking off

Analytics firm Global Equities Research has monitored Apple’s iBooks sales for the past few days using a proprietary tracking system and learned that customers have downloaded more than 350,000 textbooks in the first three days of availability.

Announced on January 19, at a special event in New York City, iBooks Textbooks hope to revolutionize teaching and studying.

There were 350K interactive textbooks downloaded from the company’s iBookstore within the first three days of availability, according to Global Equities Research, reports All Things D.

And iBooks Author, the Mac app that lets you create these interactive books for iPad consumption, has been downloaded no less than 90,000 times from the Mac App Store, the firm said.

You can pin a lot of those downloads on curiosity.

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