Your iPhone Can Tell You If You’re About to Have a Heart Attack

Physician deems smartphones like the iPhone as the future of medicine

Featured on NBC’s Rock Center, Dr. Eric Topol, chief academic officer of Scripps Health, says smartphones are quite possibly the tool of the future for all physicians.

Using an iPhone to check a patient’s heart condition, Dr. Topol explains that in the future, everything will be done by sensors that communicate wirelessly to our smartphones.

He offers an example of how this method can actually give patients a warning when they’re about to have a heart attack. Not seconds before it happens, but weeks.

“These days, I’m prescribing a lot more apps than I am medications,” Dr. Topol says.

The renowned physician uses a smartphone to track the glucose levels in his blood, and he believes such solutions are the key to fewer trips to the hospital in the future.

He even says that patients will be able to test themselves for various symptoms right at home, using their phones. Pretty wild stuff!

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