Your iPad mini Can Be a Two-Line Smartphone

TeliPad eliminates the need to carry a separate communications device

Massive Dynamics Inc., an acquirer and developer of communications technology, has announced the TeliPad, an add-on for tablet computers that can turn any iPad into a smartphone.

Although few people are likely to relinquish their iPhone in favor of the TeliPad, the opportunity to have two extra communication channels is nothing to sneeze at.

Available for pre-order with a $90 / €70 price tag, the TeliPad is a physical add-on that sticks on the back of your tablet computer (not necessarily one made by Apple Inc.), and requires Bluetooth pairing.

Once the two gadgets are in sync, you can start making calls using the on-screen dial pad. No word on whether it can do video calls too, but it surely doesn’t sound impossible.

Oscar Hines, president of Massive Dynamics Inc., says, “We feel that this helps eliminate Massive Dynamics as being a one-on-one competitor as you still have to own or buy a computing tablet for the TeliPad to work. However, the TeliPad is much more economical to buy than most smartphones.”

The company has posted a video on its website to demo the product. Visit Massive Dynamics Inc. here to learn more.

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