You Can’t Upgrade the RAM on Your Shiny New Retina MacBook Pro

Apple forgets to mention that the memory is soldered to the motherboard

Tim Cook & Co. give us the best laptop the world has ever seen and they forget to tell us that you can’t upgrade the RAM because it’s soldered to the motherboard. Not cool, Apple.

Numerous reports around the web seem to indicate Apple messed up badly with the non-upgradable RAM in the Retina display MacBook Pro. While upgrade options are always nice, it’s also likely that this was a design compromise they had to make to give us that ultra-thin form factor.

Everything on that new MacBook Pro screams technological breakthrough. 8 GB is more than enough to do pretty much everything from photo manipulation to gaming, but video editing and audio production will require even more.

Apple should mention that before people shell out $2,199 (€1,755) only to realize that they might need to buy a new one in a couple of years.

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