You Can Now Get a “Free” iPhone 4S with a Carphone Warehouse Contract

UK retailer offers plans for £29 a month with zero payment for the handset itself

Carphone Warehouse, the largest independent mobile phone retailer in Britain, has announced a new deal for Apple fans looking to secure an iPhone 4S.

Carphone has issued a press release which details some of the differences between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, even touting some benefits of the former. For example, “The beautiful, sharp screen is still high end, and because it's slightly smaller (3.5" versus 4") it can be easier to handle, especially with one hand.”

The retailer probably wants to get rid of some remaining stock, so they’ve put out this offer for the 16GB iPhone 4S which you can reportedly pick up for free “with a contract of just £29/$46 a month from Carphone Warehouse, in store or online.”

The company says that’s £10/$15 a month cheaper than the iPhone 5, and you get minutes, texts and data. Check it out!

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