Yahoo! Updates Official iPhone App with iOS 5 Support

The new Yahoo! app is optimized for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, says the company

The official Yahoo! app for iPhone and iPod touch now supports iOS 5. Version 2.3.7 of the news app also adds some performance improvements and bug fixes.

What’s the deal with Yahoo mentioning iOS 5 support when Apple is close to rolling out iOS 7? Is the company so far behind in development that it has to take one iOS at a time to make their tweaks and fixes?

Whatever is going on at Yahoo!, it probably has to do with all those work-at-homies slacking off. Don’t worry though. Last time we checked, CEO Marissa Mayer pulled out her whip and laid down some new ground rules for the company’s staffers.

And it seems that the first pieces of this fruit can be collected from the Yahoo! mobile app. Version 2.3.7 brings “performance improve” (-ments, they meant), “various bug fixes,” and “support [for] iOS 5 and newer.”

The changelog also advertises the new Yahoo! Mail app for iOS devices.

A couple of notes are included as well, such as: “the new Yahoo! app is optimized for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Users on iOS 3.x or below should go to Yahoo! at”

And, “The app is not yet optimized for the iPad.” Tablet owners must visit the same URL for a full-screen (native) experience.

Download Yahoo! for iPhone and iPod touch (Free)

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