Yahoo! Mail iOS App Gets Updated with Empty-All Button, Fixes

New empty-all button gets rid of all messages in Trash and Spam

Yahoo! has released an updated version of its Mail application with a bunch of fixes and a new feature that enables users to easily clear out unwanted messages from select folders.

Yahoo! Mail iOS version 1.0.3 fixes an issue with the app crashing on launch. This issue was reported by several users and Yahoo! quickly went back to the drawing board to code up a fix, according to the release notes.

An “empty-all” button has been included for Trash and Spam, allowing users to easily get rid of all unwanted messages in these two folders.

“Issues with app not opening, or crashing, have been fixed in the latest update,” Yahoo! clarifies. “If you do not wish to receive notifications for new messages, simply go to iPhone Settings >> Notifications >> Yahoo! Mail. Under ‘Alert Style,’ choose None,” according to the developers.

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