Xbox SmartGlass 2.5 Released for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft listens to the feedback, rolls out bug fix for gamers

Addressing some slow connection issues, Microsoft this week released Xbox SmartGlass version 2.5 for iOS customers. The free app enhances your Xbox 360 entertainment, acting like a sidekick.

Xbox SmartGlass puts interactive content and information (relevant to Xbox gaming) right on your iDevice, allowing you to interact with your favorite movies and TV shows, music, games, sports, etc. It also doubles as a remote controller.

Users have been complaining about slow connection issues and other bugs that hindered the app’s performance. Microsoft can proudly state that it has patched all the known bugs in version 2.5 (but there’s no guarantee Xbox SmartGlass is now bug-free).

If your Xbox SmartGlass app has been acting up, be sure to grab the latest version at the link below. It’s compatible with all iDevices that support iOS 5.

Download Xbox SmartGlass for iPhone and iPad (Free)

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