X-Pointer Is One Cool Presentation Tool – Laser Included

Comes with Stylus Touch Pen for accurate screen navigation, free app

Satechi has one cool iPhone accessory on its hands. The X-Pointer Mobile Presenter converts your Apple handset into a full presentation controller, complete with laser pointer and the ability to flip through slides from the Multi-Touch display.

At just $29.99 (€23.4), Satechi’s X-Pointer Mobile Presenter with Laser Pointer is a steal. If you’re looking for some type of presentation controller, chances are your quest ends here.

X-Presenter is accompanied by a neat presentation app that allows you to control on-screen presentations churned up by Keynote and PowerPoint. It has a mouse Mode function too, which enables you to move the cursor on the screen with your fingers.

A Stylus Touch Pen is included with your order, for precise screen navigation. The pen is also the storage compartment for the X-Pointer laser.

Speaking of which, the laser is just 1.6-inches (4 centimeters) long and weighs less than half an ounce (or about 14 grams). The laser is activated only with the X-Presenter app.

Download X-Presenter app (Free)

Download X-Presenter Host for Mac (Free)

Download X-Presenter Host for Windows (Free)

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