Worms 3 Headed Exclusively to iOS

The game features sleek new graphics, worm classes, strategic playing cards

Team 17 proudly announced this week that the third mobile installment of Worms was coming to iOS platforms in the third quarter of this year with a range of new features and stunning visuals.

Worms 3 promises to deliver “gorgeous new graphics, worm classes, strategic playing cards and all-new weapons,” in a game designed and developed exclusively for mobile play.

Players will duke it out in multiplayer Forts or Deathmatch modes using new weapons like Nora’s Virus, Black Hole Grenade, and Canned Heat, and they’ll be able to collect in-game rewards that allow them to purchase bronze, silver, and gold cards.

They will also get the liberty to choose between a new D-pad control system and the original touch controls.

“Exclusive to mobile, Worms 3 is due for a Q3 2013 release and will be available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via the App Store,” the official announcement states.

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