Woman Has Complete Meltdown at Apple Store, Caught on Video

Not having an appointment can certainly be annoying, but this is going too far

For those of you who still don’t get Vine, here’s a perfect example of what the service is good for.

Actress and singer Porscha Coleman, who also happens to be a Vine user, was in an Apple Store in the US when she stumbled across this woman who was having a complete meltdown. The reason? Apparently she didn’t have an appointment but wanted service anyway.

The woman seems to be saying “I was told by AppleCare that I could walk in the store and get the part,” or whatever she’s blabbing about at the end, couldn’t quite make it out (maybe you can jot down your own interpretation in the comments below).

Anyway, being denied a service is certainly annoying, but this is not the way to go when you’re dissatisfied. Especially when it comes to Apple stores, where the staff is as cool as a cucumber.

It doesn’t seem like she was having the best of days, and I’m also very concerned about the baby in the stroller who may be exposed to this type of behavior on a daily basis.

Anyway, there you have it. Woman going off in Apple store. Caught on Vine. Even when you’re right, this type of behavior makes it seem you’re wrong.

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