Woman Gets Herself Jailed for Trying to Buy iPads with Food Stamps – Video

After running off with stolen goods, the woman decided she’d do it again

Tracy Browning, a 38-year-old woman from Louisville, Kentucky managed to get herself arrested after repeatedly trying to buy Apple iPads with her food stamp card.

The woman reportedly went to the Valley Station Walmart, grabbed two Apple tablets and tried to close the deal with a food stamp card, but when the transaction was denied, she assaulted the store’s clerks (pushing one to the ground) and fled the scene with the iPads in her hands.

Now hear this. Apparently, Tracy hadn’t gotten the rush she was hoping for and decided to pull the same stunt again, this time at the Walmart on the Greenbelt Highway.

So she pulled out the Electronic Benefit Transfer card once more, only this time she got a tap on the shoulder from the Louisville police.

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