WipEout Creators Release Table Top Racing for iOS

Awesome-looking racing game with online multiplayer for iPhone and iPad

Playrise Edge Ltd., the makers of “WipEout,” have announced a new IP for iOS gamers, called Table Top Racing. The universal game features console-quality graphics and online multiplayer gameplay.

Gamers get 30 achievements, 18 leader-boards, 10 upgradable cars, 8 race tracks, 4 championships, over 30 special events, six gameplay modes, and lots of power-ups. The title also seems inspired by LEGO’s racing games as well.

Table Top Racing features iCloud save game sync, multi-language support, and unlockable cars. The iPhone 3GS and third-generation iPod touch are not officially supported, the developers caution.

What you need is a relatively new iDevice, such as the fourth-generation iPod touch, an iPhone 4, or an iPad 2 and iOS 5.0. Anything newer than that might actually run the game at the advertised 60 frames per second. Table Top Racing will set you back three bucks (around €2.6).

Download Table Top Racing iOS

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