Wink at Girls with PingMe Messenger for iPhone 2.0

Ask questions and share with the PingMe community, Like/Dislike, and more

PingMe Messenger is your typical IM app which lets you engage in conversations with your friends in a select community. A new version is out from developer RadiumOne Labs with a cool new interface and many other enhancements.

PingMe 2.0 users will be glad to experience an all-new interface packed to the rafters with new features which, according to the developer, “redefine social messaging.”

The new interface makes it easier to navigate through the app, while the customizable news feed lets you see only what you're interested in. You now have the option to switch between a list or grid view layout, and enable private group messaging and ask questions on the PingMe community.

Other nifty features include deep Facebook integration, a completely new registration flow, the ability to “wink” at people in your list, Like/Dislike buttons, categorization of content, and much more.

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