Which iPod Models Ship with EarPods

Customer wonders if Apple is now bundling the new accessory with all iPods

Apple’s all-new space-age EarPods ship only with a select few iDevices, and only iPhone buyers get the “complete” version with remote and microphone. Customers are still in the dark as to which iPod models come with these new headphones inside the shipping box.

An iLounge reader is curious whether the new EarPods only come with the seventh-generation iPod nano and fifth-generation iPod touch, or whether they’re included with all iPod model starting this year.

The Apple-centric site answers his burning question confirming that only the newest iPod models get the EarPod-treatment, namely the seventh-generation iPod nano and the fifth-generation iPod touch. Other iPods - like the Classic, the shuffle, and 4th-gen touch - while still sold by Apple, only ship with regular Apple Headphones.

The site also points out that only the iPhone version of the EarPods is equipped with remote and mic, as well as a handy traveler’s case.

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