WhatsApp 2.11.6 Crashes for Some Users, Fix Needed Updated

Recent update said to deliver fixes, but it apparently comes with some bugs of its own

WhatsApp Inc. today rolled out an update for users of its popular messaging client on iOS platforms and already customers are reporting severe issues with the app.

It seems that only a handful of users are plagued by crashes at this point. One reader tells us, “I have iOS 5 and i updated my Whatsapp to this 2.11.6 and it just keeps on crashing. No problems with the 2.11.5 update but this newest one won't let me open any conversations, then it just crashes.”

Another says, “I have the same problem. iOS 5.1.1. App crashes every time I attempt to open a conversation.”

On iTunes, several reviewers are also complaining about crashing bugs. For example, user nwkl says, “Crashing badly, app just quit to home every time I tap any chat or initiate any chat.”

There’s no indication as to what device models are affected, but if these negative reports multiply, WhatsApp will have to produce another bug-fix update.

Update: WhatsApp Inc. has confirmed that a fix is on the way for iOS 4 and iOS 5 customers.

Update #2: WhatsApp 2.11.7 is now available with fixes for the widely reported crashing bug.

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