What’s New in iOS 6.1 – For End Users

Going beyond the changelog offered by the Cupertino giant

iOS 6.1 brings only a handful of new features to the table, but they’re all equally important, and Apple’s official release notes skip a couple. So here’s what’s new.

According to the changelog, iOS 6.1 adds LTE support for more carriers, the ability to purchase movie tickets through Fandango with Siri (currently available only in the USA), the option to download individual songs from iCloud for iTunes Match subscribers, and a new button to reset the Advertising Identifier.

But there’s more. For example, Apple Maps users will be greeted by a new “Report a problem” button right smack in the middle of the UI. It comes in handy for both parties (end users and Apple) as it will finally help fix the ill-fated mapping service.

Another change that Apple fails to point out is the redesigned set of media controls which users can bring up by double-clicking the Home button with the device in locked state.

Lastly (though users may still find more hidden changes in the coming days) iOS 6.1 re-enables Passbook app listings.

Apple has also fixed a number of security flaws to make iOS more robust.

(Here's what's new for developers)

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