What Apple Needs to Solve in OS X Mountain Lion DP4

The known issues listed by Apple in the seed notes for its latest Mountain Lion beta

The seed notes accompanying Mountain Lion Developer Preview 4 got lost in a sea of announcements during and after the WWDC 12 keynote this week, including the known issues, which Apple needs to solve with the help of its trusty testers.

According to the release notes, Network Migration requires OS X 10.7.3 or later in DP4, and International users may be unable to enter a WiFi password while in Setup Assistant. If you select Other Network Options and continue setting up the system without a WiFi network, the problem will be gone.

The login window may be displayed incorrectly on systems with FileVault enabled, and rotating an external display may cause a panic on machines equipped with AMD Radeon graphics.

Devs may also notice corrupted screen recordings in QuickTime on systems with NVDIA video.

Finally, if the Automatic Graphics Switching isn’t disabled in Energy Saver Preferences, installation of Final Cut Studio 3 may cause a hang, says the documentation.

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