Wello iPhone Case Reads Your Blood Pressure, Respiration, Temperature

Everything that the rumored iWatch promises to do, now in a simple iPhone case

If you’ve grown tired of waiting for the iWatch to deliver those handy medical sensors you keep hearing about in the press, you’ll be happy to know that the all-new Wello case does it all.

Wello includes sensors that can read your vital signs, including blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate, temperature, and even lung activity with the included spirometer.

“Wello is a health tracker that’s ever so simple and smart. And because it doubles as a phone cover, it's handy too,” its creators say.

Users simply place their fingers on the sensors and the case immediately sends information to a built-in app, displaying the results on your iPhone’s screen. According to the sellers, the tool not only offers an instant reading of your health status but also allows you to see patterns over time, helping you manage your life better.

For example, it can tell you when you’re stressed, in case you’re having problems admitting that about yourself.

“We have effectively put health monitoring equipment, which typically sits on carts in doctor’s offices and hospitals, into a highly convenient and accessible mobile case,” said Hamish Patel, founder and CEO of Azoi.

Visit azoi.com to take a closer look at the Wello case, and don’t forget to watch the clip embedded above.

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