Warning: iPhone 5s Bends Easily, Don’t Wear It in Your Back Pocket – Photos

The problem seems more widespread with the 5s than it was with the 5

Reports are beginning to emerge regarding a potential design flaw in the iPhone 5s. Some people say the phone is easily bendable and, while some take fault for the damage, others claim it happened out of the blue.

I wouldn’t put too much faith in spontaneous-bending claims, but I like how Steve Hemmerstoffer (at Nowhereelse.fr) admits how he bent his own.

A rough translation from French to English reads, “The opportunity for me to remind those who, like me, used to slide the iPhone into one of the back pockets of their jeans it is not advisable to sit on the precious. Judge for yourself by yourself.”

Apparently it’s happening more often with the 5s than it used to happen with the 5 (with both phones sharing an almost identical chassis). Or maybe the issue is getting more press coverage now. Who knows?

The late Steve Jobs would have probably said “you’re holding it wrong,” and this time around he’d be right, because aluminum is not the toughest of metals, and considering how thin the iPhone 5s is, you could probably run a toothbrush through (after drinking a can of Red Bull).

Silly jokes aside, if the phone isn’t designed to be worn in a back pocket, Apple should stamp a warning somewhere.


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