Want Flappy Bird? You Can Buy It on eBay for $100,000 / €73,000, Along with an iPhone 5s

iPhone owner sells his handset with Flappy Bird installed on eBay

Things are seriously getting out of hand with this Flappy Bird thing, though I’m not complaining. It’s the first Monday in months that doesn’t have slow-news-day written all over it.

As it happens, Flappy Bird has become somewhat of a phenomenon. Whether or not it was aided by download bots, the press had a lot to do with its unexpected success and subsequent demise.

But it's not just the press that's reaping the benefits off the death of the annoying little bird.

Here’s one example on how someone stands to cash in on a whopping $100,000 / €73,000 by selling you an iPhone with Flappy Bird installed on it. No joke, it’s up on eBay right now. Full title and description below.

“Apple iPhone 5S - 16GB - Space Gray AT&T With FLAPPY BIRD GAME INSTALLED [...] Selling a 16GB used iPhone 5S AT&T that has flappy bird game installed on it. This game is not available for download anymore anywhere... Comes with original box and charger.”

Update: there are already 74 bids at the time of this writing, though I'm not sure if they're all legit.

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