Walmart Staffers Fired After Tossing iPads on Video

Reddit user says all four employees were fired and prosecuted

Four Walmart employees from Pikeville, Kentucky who filmed themselves purposefully damaging stock iPads have been fired and prosecuted.

This according to Reddit, whose members were quick to dissect the subject, wondering whether or not the video was a fake.

“Indeed. This was sent to me by an employee of this store. They're fired and prosecuted as well,” according to user SenorPierre.

Commenter alpha_alpaca dots the i, saying “Fired from WalMart? just how low can you go?,” followed by 80sKid, who wrote, “That is good to know. Just watching the video made my blood boil,” and many others.

We reported on the video in question last week, emphasizing the individuals’ extreme disregard to expensive merchandise. The protagonist proudly states at the beginning of the clip, “this is why you don't buy an iPad from Walmart.”

A lot of people seem to be convinced the video is fake. Indeed, the boxes could have well been stuffed with potatoes. However, Walmart had enough reason to fire them five seconds into the footage.

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