VLC Media Player May Return to the iTunes App Store

New Lesser General Public License means VLC could make a comeback on iOS

A statement released by VideoLAN President Jeann-Baptiste Kempf indicates that VLC could make a return to iOS thanks to a change in the player’s foundation regarding licensing.

VLC was pulled from the iOS App Store because of the General Public License (GPL) licensing which conflicted with Apple’s own rules.

However, VideoLAN has recently switched to the Lesser General Public License. LGPL makes it possible for developers to distribute software legally on platforms like Apple’s App Store.

Cultofmac reports on a statement provided by VideoLAN President Jeann-Baptiste Kempf to French site PCINpact which revealed that the new license may pave the way for an app “similar to VLC” in the App Store.

The news will undoubtedly be welcomed by VLC fans who prefer free solutions over paid media players to be able to play media formats otherwise unsupported by Apple’s iOS. Unfortunately, there’s no word on any ongoing developments regarding a new iOS port of VLC.

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