Use Your iPad Underwater with LifeProof nuud Case

Case forms a waterproof seal around the display, allows direct access to touchscreen

San Diego-based LifeProof today announced the nuud case for iPad users who, for one reason or another, would like to employ the features of their powerful tablet computer underwater.

The press release, embedded below, makes a great case for this accessory, noting that this “ultra-portable mobile powerhouse” can finally be protected from water, drops, dirt and snow with the LifeProof nuud, a screen-less waterproof case.

The case allegedly forms a waterproof seal around the display, allowing direct access to the touch screen while still protecting it from humidity some 6.6 feet (2 meters) below the surface of any body of water for up to one hour. It’s also dropproof up to 4 feet (1.2 meters), and completely dirtproof.

It has also passed military standards for shock and impact protection, according to its creators. The product also includes a tethered headphone jack cover.

The design indeed complements and even accentuates Apple's design in some areas, as LifeProof itself notes. The company promises that “all of iPad Air's functionality remains uninhibited.”

“iPad Air was designed to be taken with you, wherever you go,” said LifeProof CEO Brian Thomas. “LifeProof nuud is one of the thinnest, lightest all-protective, cases ever created, so it complements the device extremely well and protects it from just about any adventure you can dream up.”

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